Episode 141: On The Road with Ray & Bev

You guys aren’t going to believe this one. This is an incredible trifecta of sorts. Meet real clients Ray & Bev! They have embraced the DN lifestyle and we love their background which we are going to dive into in this episode. Ray and Bev are doing our nutrition program all from their RV and making this lifestyle WORK, together. They are doing this as a whole food, plant based lifestyle too! Read that again. Whole food, plant based can be amazing, it can be done right and well, but they are also doing this in their RV, which presents even more unique challenges! They work as a partnership, they have built a strong WHY and are working toward this lifestyle of health for each other.


Join Carrie to hear how they do it:

  • They both adopted a very strong why through this process and that has set the foundation for their success
  • They are super strong as a couple and work together to plan, prep and prepare meals and snacks
  • Ray even identified formulas to figure out how to get specific combinations of vegetables combined into complete proteins


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