Episode 146: Announcing NIL House Nutrition on BRINX TV

It’s time for a special announcement and a sneak peek into the new NIL House Nutrition segment on BRINX TV. Carrie is co-producing and co-hosting with Celebrity Nutritionist and NY Times Best Selling Author, Mark Macdonald. This daily show is going to be the epicenter for all things nutrition! We have amazing segments and thought leaders coming your way. If you want to use your mind, body and lifestyle to experience food freedom, tune in now! 

Through our daily show Carrie & Mark will:

  • Challenge how the world looks at food so that food is not good or bad, but fuel
  • Offer simple tips, tricks and life hacks to help you do 1% better each day
  • Help you stop comparing yourself to others
  • Show you how to start thinking about your health as something you want to do, not something you need to do. 


Get paid for watching!

Sign up to watch here: https://brinx.tv/share/18813d7e-91e3-426d-9415-dc9cde4cbf8e?meta


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