Episode 148 Meet Coach Stacie

We are diving into it ya’ll! Ready for this?! Menopause! (Mic drop)…


Ok, seriously though, menopause has created havoc for women and sometimes when we least expect it. We start to experience symptoms in our body: bloating, hair loss, hot/cold sweats and we immediately start to think there is something wrong with us. And on top of it, we experience weight gain during this time. Did you know, gaining weight is the body’s response to health and hormones? It’s actually the way your body protects itself.  It becomes crucial for us as women, to focus on our mindset and what our body truly needs to get through these hormonal changes. 


We have to stop comparing ourselves to our younger selves. We have to own the changes and appreciate the skin we are in! Make the changes because you LOVE yourself!


Are you ready? 


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