Episode 151 Flashback: Is Your Willpower Waning?

Are you ready to talk about how temptation and making decisions can drain your willpower and self-control?! Short term choices that make long term consequences. Listen, it’s not just YOU, it’s ALL of us. Its also not your fault if you have lost willpower, it is literally innate human nature not to have willpower. There is a limit to what your brain can manage in a day. The ability to resist temptation and do what’s better for you in the long run, is self control. That doesn’t mean we say no to things all the time, we just know when to say no. We are therefore intentional about what we do and why we do it! 


Listen in this week as we flashback to learn:


  • About the science behind willpower
  • How your your thoughts and beliefs dictate your actions
  • The #1 trait that determines success 

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