Episode 152 Flashback Q&A with Carrie

It’s time for a good flashback! This week, we are trying something a little different. We are talking FAQ’s with Carrie! We get so many questions that our coaches answer one-on-one in our coaching calls, but we thought now would be a good time to share all the good stuff here! We are all about transparency here at Disruptive Nutrition, and we know that what we teach is right for EVERY BODY whether you are 2 or 92! Here’s the thing, we were not put on this earth just to find the right diet. We are capable of SO much more! That’s why we’re taking your questions and showing you why the PFC3 approach truly works for your mind, your body and your lifestyle.


Here are some of the topics Carrie is covering:

  •  Hormonal balance
  •  Cellulite & trapped fat
  •  Why just exercise isn't working for you?
  •  Zero calorie sweeteners - anything that ends in OSE. These are chemicals. Where are my diet coke drinkers?
  •  No energy
  •  Fasting

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