Episode 154: What Does Sustainable Nutrition Really Mean?


We talk to women all the time who just want to lose weight, so let’s start by asking you a few questions: Why do you want to lose weight? And is the reason you want to lose weight coming from your ego or from your heart? It’s time to REALLY think about that. If it’s ego, then you’re approaching weight loss from a place that is never going to serve you long term and that’s fine; but that means there is work to do because you need to love yourself enough to know that you have to take care of YOU,  so that you can take care of others. Heart comes from knowing that 90% of people, nine out of 10 deaths, are dying from metabolic disease (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity) in their sixties and seventies and you want to make real change to play with your grandkids. It’s time to stop thinking of our body as the enemy, work on our entire self and find respect and understanding for ourselves so we can work towards sustainable nutrition!


Join Carrie as she details how nutrition can be sustainable:

- Do you understand what goes into your body?

- Do you know what to do when life gets busy?

- Do you know your triggers?

- Do you have systems and habits in place?

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