Episode 155: How I Taught My Teenager About Nutrition


You might have heard on our recent podcasts our guests, our coaches, and even Carrie talk specifically about their WHY. Meaning, the reason they started this health journey, the thing that keeps them going and the thing that has made it so successful. Today, we’re flashing back to an episode where Carrie shares her why and how one night at the family dinner table changed her, forever.  It forced Carrie to look at the way she was eating, relatively healthy already, but not eating much at all. And the impact it was having, causing her blood sugar to spike to unhealthy levels, actually causing weight gain and even worse, her teenage daughter was reading into all of her eating habits. 


Join Carrie for this ever important conversation about how we need to talk to our kids about blood sugar. 

  • How weight gain is actually a sign of something deeper with our health
  • How are body is actively toasting itself and aging even faster when our blood sugar isn’t regulated
  • How PFC3 can literally help you live longer


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