Episode 156: 5 Mindset Shifts


It’s been a minute since we were actually live on our podcast and we are so excited to be back in action! The last few months have been complete chaos for Carrie. She sold her house in 1 day but her family’s new house wasn’t ready yet so they lived in 3 different rentals, 3 different hotels, sent their oldest to college, and their youngest was in a car accident. Yes, chaos!!! All of these things may have derailed some of Carrie’s life plans which put our podcast on pause, but we’re baaaaaaack!! And this week, we’re talking about mindset. Why? Well, because we often find ourselves in a position like Carrie where we have to put the fires in our lives out, so we put ourselves on the back burner and then a lot of time goes by and you finally say to yourself, how did I get here!? You dont have to change your body to be healthy, but you do need to change your thinking. 


Join Carrie to talk about the 5 Mindset Shifts: 

  1. Self awareness 
  2. Understand and re-define progress
  3. What are your rackets? What is the voice in your head telling you?
  4. Self Sabotage
  5. Your brain (you won’t believe how your brain changes in hunger!)



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