Episode 157 Dont Take My Word For It

This week's podcast is a group thang! We have not 1 but 3 guests and they are dishing about their unique stories and the success they have had with Disruptive Nutrition. These ladies all chose the journey to health for different reasons and their stories are powerful and very relatable. Dr. Anne, Jen & Kathy all had 1 thing in common, they all felt the bumps in the road about weight loss for their entire lives and they couldn't find anything sustainable, until now. Finally, their bodies are trusting the process and the PFC3 lifestyle! Not only has the weight come off, but they all feel better than ever. Remember, once you get to your optimal HEALTH, you can get to your optimal weight. 

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom these ladies will be discussing:

  • Remembering the WHY
  • Consistency over time
  • Size doesn’t matter and the number on the scale is just data 
  • The overall realization of the effect of blood sugar on their bodies
  • The PFC3 approach can be done anytime, anywhere
  • The only way you fail is if you DONT do something
  • Believe in yourself and KEEP going

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