Episode 158: Something Exciting is Coming

Diet culture is everywhere! We see the idea of healthy = skinny in all of our messaging, and we are taught very early on, that what we look like matters more than anything else, right? It’s time to UNDO diet culture! We shouldn’t have to change our body in order to be happy or healthy!

In honor of changing this perception and helping more people, we have something special coming…..we’ve only ever done it once before and it was SO impactful that we needed to do it again. Do you want to know more about it??

Carrie will be running a 3-hour health workshop October 7th, from 10am - 1pm EST!!! There will be opportunities to learn and ask questions! Previous participants have told us that our workshop was life changing. Register now and carve out this time for yourself on 10/7/23! You wont regret it!

Register here: Workshop

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