Episode 163: Sonia Fleck and her mindset makeover

You know we love a special guest and this week we are talking to Sonia Fleck about her experience with Disruptive Nutrition! Her story is one that is very relatable! Sonia is a night nurse and having been through trauma she got very good at compartmentalizing as a defense mechanism for avoiding digging deep and healing. As a result, she was in constant fight or flight.  While she was at her ideal weight and ideal body, she was still really sad and struggling to address the trauma she had been through. Because guess what, you’re still left with baggage at the ideal weight if you don’t deal with ‘the stuff’ first. At 40, she knew she had to look inward and focus on her mindset. This step changed everything for her, including nutritionally and soon she was actually listening to her body and working towards optimal health. Join Carrie to hear her transformational story! 

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