Sick of diets, love carbs yet still want to look and feel amazing?

At Disruptive Nutrition, we help women see their bodies as their best friends instead of their enemies. 

And for too long we have been taught all wrong about what it takes to reach our goals.  It's time to do it right. It's time to stop dieting and start living.


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Sick of diets, love carbs yet still want to look and feel amazing?

At Disruptive Nutrition, we help women see their bodies as their best friends instead of their enemies. 

And for too long we have been taught all wrong about what it takes to reach our goals.  It's time to do it right. It's time to stop dieting and start living.


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It's true. We've been duped.

We have been led to believe that to lose weight and get healthy we have to cut calories, cut carbs, and basically cut out eating anything enjoyable.

It's just plain wrong.

The thing is since when is operating at a deficit a good thing?

It isn't. It also just plain feels awful to deprive ourselves, to be hungry, to track our food.

It's also why we keep gaining weight. Dieting may work at first but it will ALWAYS slow down our metabolism and cause us to gain back what we lost, and more. Cue the feelings of defeat, confusion and frustration.

So why does the diet industry do this to us? Especially if there is a better way? Because they need us to need them. They need us to come back, again, and again and again. And we do.

News Flash. It wasn't YOU. It was THEM.

Instead, we need to be fueling our bodies, not depriving them. Not only does it FEEL really good to eat (carbs, included) but it's really awesome to feel like you are in control, to not fear food and to FINALLY crush all those goals.

"I started Disruptive Nutrition because I had tried everything else to lose weight, some with success but never long-term. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. Now that I'm here I have ditched the scale and can give myself grace for not being perfect and still see progress despite the imperfection. It has been so liberating. I am seeing a mind-body connection live never before, even when I tried Noom-it never stuck. I have learned grace with Disruptive Nutrition. I am comfortable in my skin now."

– Krissy, PA

What is Disruptive Nutrition?


It's Simple.

Because we are too busy for confusing plans, tracking our food and counting things.

It's Sustainable.

Because you have to be able to do it for the rest of your life.

It's Satisfying.

Because if it isn't, you won't want to keep at it for the long-term.

How is No One Else Teaching This?

– Lindsay M., Ohio

Hey! I'm Carrie

And I've been where you are now…

I'm Carrie, a certified health and nutrition coach and a busy working mom who loves wine, and carbs. But for too long I deprived myself of those things and still hated my body. And I hated myself. I felt like I had no value if I didn't look a certain way. Dieting will do that to you.

All I kept thinking was, “Is there really no solution that works?

I was sick of dieting and feeling deprived. I knew that my daughters were seeing me eating a different meal than they did at dinner, and that I was going to give them the same issues with food and their bodies that I had.

So I dug in to figure it out. I learned that to get lean, you needed to eat more. It went against everything women have been conditioned to believe, but it's true. I started to understand that just like a car, running your body on fumes won't get us to our optimal health, especially as we get older.

Now, as I enter my late 40's and having coached thousands of women, I know the solution is actually much simpler than we realize. It's satisfying and we can do it for the rest of our lives.

And I want to teach you too. Where ever you are in your journey, there is a place for you at Disruptive Nutrition.

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Wherever you are on your journey,
we have a place for you at Disruptive Nutrition

Why Dieting Doesn't Work...
And What You NEED To Be Doing Instead.

It is time to make a change. Join Disruptive Nutrition's founder Carrie Lupoli who, in her late 40s, after decades of disordered eating and failed diets, is now in the BEST shape of her life, as she tells you all about how to fuel your body for optimum health, so you can LOSE WEIGHT without EVER feeling deprived. 


Shed Inches, Revive Your Energy, and Restore Your Health… WITHOUT Diets Or Deprivation

At Disruptive Nutrition, we call it The Trifecta Transformation. It has three pillars. When you focus on these areas in the ways we teach… You’ll find the LASTING SUCCESS that diets were never able to offer you.

The trio of mind, body, and sustainability... Is our special formula that delivers results like these: “How Is No Else Teaching This?”


Diet Disruptors Facebook Group

A Diet Disruptor has stopped searching for solutions when it comes to their nutrition because they know the formula is simple and that since it is not a diet, they will be able to implement it for a lifetime. They recognize that food is fuel and they have to eat frequently to reach short and long-term goals. They understand the difference between eating healthy AND correct and the power in doing both. They are strong and care more about getting healthy versus getting skinny, and grow in confidence everyday because their body affirms that what they are doing is RIGHT.

Diet Disruptors don't diet and they don't count calories. They know diets may work in the short term, but because diets deprive the body of what it needs, diets will never last long term. Instead, a Diet Disruptor eats enough, eats regularly, and eats food that serves their bodies. They aren't afraid of food.


You won't find recipes like this anywhere else

Every month we release another set of recipes complete with grocery lists. The recipes are tasty, easy to prepare and totally family friendly. No more different meals than your kids! In addition, our recipes provide a unique addition you won't find anywhere else…they are all PFC balanced so they incorporate the perfect portions to implement our effective approach without any of the guesswork!


Let's get you disrupting your nutrition today!

This has really made me think about my mindset around food, my body and what I am saying and teaching to my kids.”

– Kelley T., Connecticut

“I have been on a never ending up and down weight journey for years. I have had so little success with so many other plans. With your help, guidance and unwavering support I am beginning to accomplish my goals with a sustainable plan for the long term, the greatest one being my reduction in anxiety. Didn’t realize it was happening, but I used to have massive anxiety attacks in the morning and throughout the day, some crippling. No more.

There are not enough words to thank you for this gift of health!”


“I have learned so much with you.

I think my biggest takeaway has been around my ability to develop a positive relationship with food. I've suffered from an eating disorder and body image issues most of my life.

Learning the Disruptive Nutrition approach has been my first step into the right direction with food being a positive in my life. This turned into so much more than losing weight for me, it's about fueling my body properly and loving myself.”



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