Episode 108: Why You Want to Die "Young"

Did you know that today close to 9 out of every 10 deaths are caused from metabolic disease stemming from a lifetime of imbalanced blood sugar?  People are aging faster and dying in their 60s and 70s from something that is completely preventable!  


But the issue is that we live in a society where foods are carb heavy and people are led to believe that the simple answer to their problems lies in exercising more and eating “better.”


Well, in some ways that is true, but the problem is that SO much of the story is missing.  Not to mention that people are taught that eating at a deficit is the answer when in fact this is what further perpetuates imbalanced blood sugar and metabolic disease.


The good news?  Carrie is here to explain exactly how you can stop premature aging and avoid death from metabolic disease so you can live LONG and die YOUNG!  In this episode, she discusses…


Her Own Journey

  • Feeling older and looking older TEN years ago
  • Turning to exercise 
  • First learning of blood sugar stabilization
  • Moving from a why that served her ego to one that served her soul


Carbs, Blood Sugar, and Rapid Aging

  • We are aging based on how we are living
  • The longer we overdo sugar, the more it impacts us
  • Glycation= “Toasting” of our bones
  • Free radicals and oxidative stress from glucose spikes
  • Overabundance of glucose speeds the age train and causes premature aging, wrinkles, joint and bone pain, organ failure, and metabolic disease 


Extending Your Lifespan AND Healthspan

  • Blood sugar stabilization= PFC3
  • Be invested in living a long and healthy life INSTEAD of looking a certain way
  • Understand that it is NOT about the weight on the scale
  • Understand how food serves or doesn’t serve us and make choices based on that


Book featured: The Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspe


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